Here at Thrive, I am fortunate to work with partners who are building amazing products and services on our platform. This month, I am spending a lot of time with Dr. John Beiter, as we talk about the digital delivery of his HAPPE program across the globe. His PhD stands for the Positively Happe Doctor.  And, he is!  Dr. Beiter absolutely practices what he preaches.

This past week we spoke with educators and coaches in St. Martin, Australia, USA, South Africa and Canada. The lack of social, emotional, and mental well-being of our children is a global concern and many educators are interested in innovative ways to bring these practices to their schools.

Dr. Beiter simply explains the concept behind the program: If you go to the gym and do physical exercises, you will get physically fit.  The same is true that if you go to the mental gym, and do mental exercises, you will get mentally fit!  The HAPPE program is a mental gym!

In our society today, for a myriad of reasons, we have lost the practices that help us become mentally fit and many children are just not learning them.   The digital HAPPE program developed on Thrive supports students, parents and teachers, with fun micro-lessons that educate and coach the development of these habits; creating a healthy environment for kids to learn.  If you are interested in supporting a school, Dr. Beiter accepts donations and sponsorships.  Email for more information.

Our mission at Thrive is to help people have better days.  This opportunity to support a movement that helps children develop a healthy mindset is actually providing me with some of my best days!

If you want to challenge your mental fitness and create a more positive outlook for yourself, check out our Happiness 21-Day program.  
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