Hello! Thanks for checking back. In today’s blog we’ll introduce some general tips that content creators can use to help them write, design, and build impactful and engaging THRIVE Experiences.

Plan Out Your Content

Start with the basics here: what do you want to communicate, and why? Are you teaching people? Informing them? Is this a one time interaction, or part of an ongoing conversation?

Now, what would you like from the person on the other end: Do you want their opinion on something? Their advice? Are you going to quiz them on something you’ve taught them?

Keep Things Simple

At THRIVE, we think it’s awesome when someone can use an Experience to create an engaging and useful interaction in 120 seconds or less. While you can’t necessarily control how long it takes people to complete your Experience, you can make sure it’s focused and concise.

In other words, don’t give people a reason to wonder about why you are telling, showing, or asking them something. Try your best to concentrate on a single topic, and don’t mention anything else unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Use Images or Videos to Engage and Reinforce Your Points

Images and videos are a great way to break up written content, while engaging the folks on the other end. Media is also a useful way to quickly reinforce your points without making people feel like you’re “beating them over the head with it”.

If the interaction is casual, maybe use a meme or a short, funny video. Or maybe the purpose is instructional, so you use an image or video to show a clear example of what you’re discussing. Regardless, this is the way folks are used to interacting with each other online – bits of text and media – so use that to your advantage!

Use The Active Voice

When writing Experiences meant to inform, influence, or even entertain, we always recommend sticking with the active voice. This is an easy trick to use less words, make sentences shorter and simpler, while also making your writing sound more dynamic and engaging.

So, if something is happening within your Experience, just say what’s going on. Try avoid the past – what already happened – to keep folks engaged in the present moment.

Keep Track Of Your Experience’s Length

As I mentioned earlier, we love it when a THRIVE Experience can provide a meaningful and useful interaction within 120 seconds or less. While there are no “rules” built into the platform for this, we make it easy to “demo” each Experience from the end-user’s perspective as you create them. We encourage content creators do this regularly to ensure their Experiences aren’t turning into novels or surveys.

Make Your Experiences Interactive

THRIVE Experiences are navigated through one screen at a time, which naturally helps our content creators keep things interactive. For example, the end users will always have to click a button to continue to the next part of an Experience, whether it’s a “Next” button to move on from a piece of text, or select a Multiple Choice response to move on from a question.

All of THRIVE’s “Next” buttons are customizable, so have fun with them – if you’re just getting started with an Experience, try having the button say “Let’s Go!”, or if you are ending an Experience, go with something like “Talk to You Soon!”

Ask For Feedback, Share That Feedback

Keep people involved in ongoing Experiences by asking for their feedback, and then including it later on in another Experience. Start by keeping it simple – if you ask for their opinion on something, share how others responded to that same question. Or, if you’ve asked folks for a written response to an Open Essay question, share other responses with them, or remind them of their response later on, and ask them to expand if they’d like. Maybe their response has even changed over time.

These are just a few tips for writing and building great THRIVE Experiences. We’ll keep writing more on this area, and encourage you all to share your tips with us.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, keep thriving!




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