While a lot of us are now adjusting to this new norm of being safe at home (not stuck at home!), we need to find ways to continue having good conversations and staying connected. Of course, everyone is trying their best to achieve this via video calls and messaging apps and virtual group meetups. 

Our methodology gets you the most honest feedback. Using this methodology, you can actually see, over-time, how employees are doing by using our models. These models could be positivity, confidence, or belief, to name a few. By measuring over-time, you’re able to get a real read on the true state of the team.

Check-in with Clients

You can then take this outside your teams to check-in with your clients. We currently have programs running to cultivate continuous conversations about current problems and solutions to those problems caused by COVID-19. Again, Thrive models and measures can really bolster these programs with the additional insight they lend. 

Managing Chronic Conditions

If you are a compromised individual during this pandemic, you are doing your best to stay at home and not leave unless it’s critical. Thrive brings care to individuals through the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) channel. Our clients use our platform to deliver videos and other content to allow COPD patients to get set up on their machines from the comfort of their homes. We connect patients and therapists virtually. 

Not only does this keep everyone safe, but it has also shown to increase patient adherence by about 10%. When patients are able to use their devices without confusion or feeling overwhelmed, they have a better quality of life and are able to manage their chronic condition.

Thrive can also help you with…

  • Training
  • Education
  • Create alignment between teams now working disjointedly
  • Onboard your remote employees
  • Collect feedback
  • Share progress
  • Establish priorities within teams
  • Improve communication
  • Models/measures (Read more about these here!)
  • Health symptoms/check-ins

Community Matters

It’s hard to be alone. Everyone struggles, but its always nice to know someone is right beside you pushing through it at the same time. We love these conversations grown out of the COVID-19 pandemic and noticing how much people appreciate the feedback sharing between peers. We all have a responsibility to take care of our employees – offering this way to connect is a huge step in the right direction.

Our Platform and Thrive’s expertise help make this process simpler for you while achieving powerful results. The platform uses micro-experiences to gather information in short interactions over time; the typical experience is only about 60-90 seconds long. 

Read more about the Platform and request a demo here.

To find out more about how Thrive conversations, models, and measures can benefit your team in this new normal of ours, reach out to info@gothrive.io

We’re committed to helping you have better days!

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