Coaching is becoming more digital every day, and the reasons go beyond present circumstances. What started out as an email, a brochure, and a website has now grown to include a scheduler, Zoom, a blog, and a more in-depth website with dynamic content.

Add in tools like Zapier, PayPal/Stripe, and a survey engine like Google Forms and there is quite an array of technologies that makes logistics simpler and cheaper.

But despite all of these aids, there is still a gap in the coaching world that hasn’t been filled to the level of quality that great coaches demand.

Digitize your Conversations

All coaches know that it is what is going on in your client’s head that is the key to your success, and finding that out in the traditional way takes up your time and that of your clients, and no one has enough time.

There is some trepidation in augmenting your conversations through an online conversational system. There is no doubt that it feels like you are ceding control, but in actuality, your knowledge increases more quickly and your ability to manage the situation increases.

Now there is an answer to filling that gap, Thrive’s Cognitive Coaching Toolbox provides an effective and scalable way to have deep conversations with your clients, with micro experiences that use less than 2 minutes of their time.

Built on Science

Thrive is an advanced communication platform that leverages several theories from Cognitive Neuroscience to gather the most complete and honest set of feedback and responses from your clients. Thrive is built to engage and involve your clients in areas such as Belief and Confidence around the topics at hand.

The highly contextualized feedback provides more relevant and actionable information than general tests such as Myers-Briggs and PI, leading you to richer and more productive conversations with your clients.

Thrive’s system provides you with an easy to learn content creation studio, where you can use all of the elements you use in Powerpoints but in a more interesting and interactive way.

Thrive also provides methods for Modeling your responses to gain a unique set of understanding of your client’s attitude towards aspects of their goals and objectives. 

Models provide another dimension of the information that can’t be approached with spreadsheets and Thrive’s system makes it simple to create your own Models. Thrive also provides ready to run Models of Belief, Self-Efficacy, Resilience and Confidence that you can use in your Programs.

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