Most of us find that it’s hard to find enough hours in the day for our regular tasks, as our lives are busier than ever before. It’s important to take time for personal development, whether that comes in the form of online classes, volunteer work, or a seminar offered by your workplace. Today we’ll discuss development on another level: individual coaching

But can everyone be coached? Harvard Business Review recently wrote about the uncoachable executive. And while the article focuses a bit on the negatives of being uncoachable, we thought we’d flip that around to how you can be your MOST coachable – and honestly – your best self. We discuss each area of attention below.

Own your actions and results. When we are honest about the quality of our work, we can see where we have room to improve and be open to it. Don’t be a blame spreader.

Make the time. If your calendar is always jam packed, how will you ever make time for what will take you to the next level? Not making time will cause you to stop advancing and put you behind those who are truly life long learners. Delegate tasks to those you manage – show you trust their skills and then really let them do it on their own. If you can’t do that…there’s your first place for coaching.

Be prepared to do the work. Coaching isn’t learning how to write a more efficient email; coaching is a mindset shift. This type of development is hard work, but the hardest work always pays off the most. To prepare for this, humble thinking will take you a long way.

Open yourself to the fact that this might be uncomfortable. A coach most likely will not end up being your new best friend. A coach is here to push you to new levels of success and development. Let them do their work, while you do the work they ask of you.

Easier said than done, right? At Thrive, we digitize coaching – either completely or to enhance your current offerings. Our platform enables the scaling of coaching, while remaining personal and easy to use. Thrive also changes the dynamic of feedback (read more on feedback) to be less stressful and intimidating. We’d love to work with you to digitize your coaching, so reach out to us to talk further. 

Thrive also offers programs for all. We have programs for leadership development, a 360 feedback program, and other personal development programs. You can read more and sign up for those here.

To read Harvard Business Review’s full article, click here.

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