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Thrive supports learning, measurement, and knowledge sharing throughout organizations.

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How Thrive Works?

Secure. Relevant. Timely.

Thrive interacts with people through what we call Micro-Experiences, delivered by text or email throughout the course of each individual’s daily routine. While it looks and feels simple, do not underestimate the power & impact.


Interactive and Conversational

Micro-Experiences combine multi-media, text, different question types, and ongoing feedback to create short, interactive conversations.


Honest Data Collection

Our Experience Sampling Method is the gold standard for collecting real-time data from individuals.



Our unique, one-time token based access increases security and removes the need to remember and enter passwords.


Backed by Science

Designed with principles of Cognitive Neuroscience, our methods are proven to increase comprehension and retention of the information shared.


Web Based

Thrive is an HTML5 web application, which means no downloads, installations, or updates required.


Responsive Design

People live and work on a variety of devices. THRIVE looks and feels great on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

I really like the platform and content. It has provided a catalyst for me to think very differently and more thoroughly about things I thought I already knew. Thank you!

Senior Director
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