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Organizations have employees that are eager to learn, develop and contribute to the overall vision and goals of their teams. Making sure everyone stays informed and involved is hard work – THRIVE can help.

Employee Communication Platform

Accelerate and Optimize Individuals and Teams

Employee Communication Platform

Create ongoing conversations across every level of an organization, accelerating and optimizing individual and team performance.

Content Creators

Say What Matters. Create Real-Time Conversations.

Content Creators

Convert existing content to THRIVE Experiences, or start from scratch. Incorporate feedback from throughout the organization into ongoing Experiences, keeping content focused and fresh.


Interact, respond, and contribute. Anywhere, anytime.


Complete Micro-Experiences in a minute or less to optimize and accelerate individual contributions and team performance.

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Stop Training. Start Learning.

Companies spend 2 billion dollars a day on training. And it doesn’t work. So it’s about time they stop.

This doesn’t mean training materials and teams behind them aren’t valuable. We make it easy and fun to create interactive, highly effective learning courses that increase the comprehension and retention of the things that matter most to your organization’s goals.

Check out some ways THRIVE helps turn traditional training into learning:


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Customer Testimonials

“It is helpful from a leadership and from an employee perspective.”
Learner , Alcoa
“I like that the program is quick, and the questions are short. It really gives you the opportunity to answer with your first instinct.”
Learner, Bayer
“My favorite part of THRIVE is the very quick educational break that was almost like a minute step back from the regular day.”
VP, Human Resources, TrueSense